Cooking Up a Storm

Tiffany is on Open Temple shift this first night of clear blue Thursday evening skies.   With these rain cloud heavy past few weeks, I have been feeling the effects of self care neglect.   With no dry earth to hike upon, no sun to soak up, no energy to run and exert muscles that have been languishing about, the body and the spirit were feeling blue. Amazing how much joy can be found in waking up to a dry sunny day.  Strolling through my neighborhood, taking in the saturation of green all around me it is hard to remember that it is not spring.  Feeling the spring in my step, oh, I am so happy for the sunshine! Tonight, I accessed my kitchen goddess and was cooking up a storm.  Feeling the need to add a little spice to this rather grey week, my menu was Tom Kha Gong, coconut lemon grass soup which succinctly summed up my day.  There is something infinitely soothing about preparing a meal in one's kitchen.  There is something ultra sweet about nourishing oneself and the practiced ritual that cooking becomes as I flow through the kitchen weaving through my kitchen song.  I speak the poetry of fresh ingredients prepared with love and care.  I am singing over the hot kitchen stove: Fresh green and red veggies served up slightly al dente in gentle coconut with spicy chile, bland tofu with tart lime, zesty lemon grass with sweet basil base.  And noodles- the comfort food of champions!  Coconut, garlic and lime. Cooking to remember. Remembering how to make memory. I sit down to my meal for one.   They say we are what we eat and I serve up nothing but love in my bowl.   Eating what I love, loving what I eat.   I thank the elements that nourished thee, the hands that tended me.  Into my body you go and you shall enliven me.  I am grateful for this day and for the sun.  I am grateful for the time today to walk about and reconnect to my very own neighborhood.  I am grateful for this and all things.  Blessed be and bon appetit!

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