What the Temple means to me?

I have been spending many hours within Terra's Temple and with the members of the Priestess Circle for the past year?? I can't remember when Sefora asked me to join her. I do remember the look on her face and the tone in her voice. "We can be Priestesses of a real temple together." She had worked so hard to get it this far and now was asking for help. How could I turn down that kind of an offer?? Slowly, ever so slowly at times, we've been growing. More events, more folks coming through, more plans, more offerings and more FUN. I have come to love the space and the people who dwell often in the space. Recently (in the last two weeks) we've added two new members and I am so pleased to be getting to know them as well. We are all on our own paths certainly but we are also coalescing into an group who has the goal of making Terra's Temple a thriving, lucrative, healing filled, magikal urban sanctuary. I feel good when I go in the doors. I feel quenched and full.  Lately, life has been kicking my a** something harsh but Terra's Temple is an oasis for me. A place I am at home, full of people I treasure. I feel beyond blessed for that offer (I couldn't refuse) and for the good work we are doing to heal ourselves, and the Earth herself. --this musing brought to you by Priestess Circle member: April C. Taylor

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