We are healing our bodies and the Earth

Magikal, magikal, magikal, oh and powerful too. This is how I can best describe the healing ritual we co-created last night at the Temple. One of our own is in the hospital fighting leukemia and 11 Witches gathered to send her even more healing energy. We gathered and shared information about our beloved's current condition, brainstormed what we could do, what spell we could craft, assigned Priestessing rolls and then just jumped all together into sacred space calling on Aphrodite and Strength as allies to our working. There is something so special being with skilled, open, creative ritualists. I was really impressed and at the same time completely in my own element. The overall ritual was reverent and flowing. We walked the pentacle, calling out wishes and prayers, the drum kept the heart beat, we sang the words of the points and raised energy. It was deep and rich, like swimming at the bottom of a lake. I could feel the Earth holding us. I felt us sink deeper and deeper. I saw the web of life that connects each individual and entity spinning around us. It was hypnotic and re-charging. I believe very deeply that we are all healers and we all need healing. Put simply, to heal is to heal. I loved especially that the evening just came together with ease. So much about life is a struggle and obviously our dear one in the hospital is fighting hard for survival, to recover her well-being. I am grateful for the counterpoint of our healing ritual. We set the intention, we put the call out, folks who were free came (while others sent energy from afar), we talked, and came to consensus and then did it! Poof. Wonderful. Magik. How can I bring this ease of creation more into my life? How can you bring it into yours? Power and strength don't have to mean difficult and hard. I will work to foster this in the world too (along with everything else!) more musings from April. Let me know what you think?

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