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"I" and "We" by new priestess circle member Makenna It's wonderful to finally you all albeit virtually it is still meaningful. See, for me community is a My first blog as a member of priestess circle of Terra's Temple, wow -- finally sat down and did this. A few years ago I sat in a presentation done by a wonderful Candomblé priestess or as she is known as Makota Valdina Pinto. She was presenting on her activism work in Salvador da Bahia, primarily around preserving the land and traditions of her community. My heart sang when I heard her say something that I had long felt in my spirit. I can't provide an exact quote, this was about 4 years ago. Basically she said, We must preserve and heal our communities that live on this land because we know the land and know how to protect and conserve what is on this earth. I thought about this in relation to all of the movements and activism around Gaia and felt that I had finally heard someone speak a vision that I knew had to been seen. Our communities, families, and ourselves must be healed in order for us to do the work to heal Gaia. We are her stewards. If we are sick, tired, and not actualized to our purpose in life, how can truly work on her behalf or help others who are in our lives? That moment with Valdina, pushed me over the ledge and forced me to open my wings and fly to fulfill my own purpose in life. So, I'm here in California, working on my PhD in psychology focused on social change and transformation in relation to individual and community well being. It is my intent to be a part of the transformation by working to heal others so that they can in turn do their divine work in community. I searched around the east bay looking for like minded visionaries and creators and came across a flyer for Terra's Temple. Now, I've managed to expand my community to include wonderful healers, activists, artists and folks who want to be the change. I just see myself as part of the web, connected to all of you who are part of the many projects and visions for lack of a better phrase, better world. This web, these connections that we are creating are a part of the shift that we need in order to heal our earth. I have to admit that despite having the knowledge and personal experience of the pain and suffering that permeates our communities today, I'm still an optimist and believe that "we" can together start on a path (albeit a long path) of growth. Next Monday, March 15th, (7-9pm) I will be hosting a gathering at Terra's Temple. This gathering is an effort to weave the web of our community. We will meet and greet, take time to learn what projects, work, dreams, goals and intentions we are working on in community, then we will hopefully weave together based on commons threads that link us. All in an effort to wake up to the fact that we are connected but we have simply forgotten. Please join us, bring your stuff, cards, smile and good vibes :-). As gift, I'm offering 2 free - 1 hour sessions of soul reconnection through spiritual counseling and tarot reading. Please email me @ bewhatulove@gmail.com. Many blessings, Makenna

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  1. Oseye Mchawi says:

    Peace Sister Makenna,
    I am a priestess in the Yoruba/Lukumi tradition in Brooklyn, NY. I travel to Brazil every year, and, each year am blessed to spend time with Makota Valdina.
    Makota Valdina is a god-send, a truly inspirational leader. Her genuine deep love for our people, and for the sacred earth, is powerfully expressed through her quiet humility.

    I applaud your efforts and wish you success.
    I look forward to hearing about the gathering…


    • terrastemple says:

      Peace sister Oseye,

      Thank you so much for your post, all the way from NY. I love to hear from others who have met Makota Valdina. You described her perfectly, beautiful quiet (yet powerful) humility. I will be posting a blog after the event to let folks know how the work is coming along.

      Many Blessings.

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