Getting out of town

Welcome Back! I say this as much to myself as to you. I realized the other day that I hadn't written in our blog since March! I have always envisioned this blog as a way to express my (and the other Priestesses in the circle) thoughts, ideas and opinions on what it means to be creating an urban temple space. We have a great group of wonderful women working daily to make the world a better place and we are hungry to connect with others doing the same. As a group we "got out of town" this weekend to dig in a bit deeper, to live a bit simpler, to connect to one another, and activate ourselves even more to our individual and collective vision for Terra's Temple. It was a wonderful experience, rich in laughter, some tears, great thoughts and good challenges. I am so deeply honored and impressed to be in co-creation with 7 amazing people. I am humbled to be a part of something larger than myself and know we are on the right track. Themes for our time together were: A temple, why bother?, stating personal intentions and getting support around how to take the active steps to make them happen, sharing stories and checking in about what is going on in our lives. Each experience, those I shared with my fellow sisters and those I had alone were deeply rejuvenating. It rained and rained the entire time and the Earth was wet, red mud running down hillsides, a lake which moved with the drops and the wind, pine trees standing sentinel all around. I took a plunge this morning in the pond, and felt total joy at the fact I live in a body. What ways do you reconnect to yourself, your community and your world? We treasure Terra's Temple as place to come in the busy world to find healing and solace. It was a good reminder this weekend that sometimes getting out into the natural world can make coming back to continue the mission that much sweeter. In continued sisterhood, April C. Taylor Resident Priestess Terra's Temple--Oakland, CA

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