The World’s Caresses

The World reaches out

To Caress you

With a thousand hands.


The snow flake’s fall,

The baby’s laugh,

The small star inside the apple’s core,

The patterned beat of the ocean’s roar.


The musky smell of the redwood tree

The glint in my friend’s eye when he looks and sees.

The brave teen that sings her song,

The proud mom who cheers her on.


A thousand arms to hold you near,

This world provides for you my dear.

The honey suckle’s pungent sent,

The softness of fur on a precious pet.


The quickening of the heart

As it moves and dances

The cello’s great voice

that entrances.


The curving branch of the Oak,

The starlight peeking through the clouds,

A tickle, a grin

a satisfying pout.


The sun painting the morning sky pink,

The sigh of relief at the end of the day.

The sound of a toast,

When glasses clink.


And don’t get me started

With the smell of lavender, rose and sage!

All a caress, all Love made


For us to know

The World’ embrace.


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