Terra’s Temple

Terra's Temple is a sacred space and a nexus for community committed to celebration and honoring of the earth mother in all her forms. People can come to the temple to rejuvenate, heal and recharge. It is a place for both those in need to receive and where even healers can be healed. On our Open Temple Days, People are welcome to  connect with The Goddess and be in communion with Her.   Come sit in front of her altar and pray and make offerings., rest and soak in our hot tub, stretch and pray in our main space, participate in various healing modalities, connect with  Terra, with others and with the creator within. The Temples’ main room is a place to honor rites of passage, hold seasonal rituals, to pray and spend time in devotion. We host classes and workshops on movement, arts and crafts, sustainability, healing and much much more. We have rooms for healers to work from, so people can come to get healing, bodywork, and other therapeutic modalities. we will also host community gatherings, celebrations, and events of all types. Terra's Temple is the begining phase of a larger vision: Bringing living temples dedicated to the Divine Feminine back to modern society. We are currently looking for people who would like to be a Terra's Tender, to support the growth of the temple community and help with events and offerings. The center is creating a fantastic network of many modalities and we are interested in what you have to contribute!

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