The Red Tent in October!

Elzbeth Gould (13 Moon Mystery School) and April C. Taylor (Terra's Temple Priestess) are creating an evening for women of all ages. We are inviting grandmothers, mothers and daughters, aunts and nieces, caregivers and friends to come and share in the magic of women's spaces and the power of the Red Tent movement. "What does it mean to grow up as a girl into a woman?" "How do we support one another through the changes tides of life as a human female?" "What are the stories and thoughts we can share from our varied prospectives?" Join us and bring a young woman to share this experience with you.   Please wear red and bring snacks to share beforehand. This event is open to all women but we would appreciate knowing you are coming. Please RSVP April:   Lunar Samhain (Halloween)**: Wed, Oct 26 New Moon night Gather at 6:30. Circle at 7pm. Closing by 8:30 (since it is a school night)   Donations to the Temple appreciated ($5-20)   **The time between the New Moon before Samhain and Samhain itself is called No-Time, or Time Between. This is the period of time where the year is old and dying, and the veil between our world and the Otherworld is very thin. 

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