A time to honor our unknown ancestors

It is Samhain. It's the time of the year when the air is crisp and cold. Our harvests are done. It is the time when we here in the Western Hemisphere can gather the last of what we had planted so many months ago. With the final harvest, this is a time to understand that there is life in death and death in life. As a priestess of Wicca and a student of Ifa, this time of year is wonderful and divine for me. I have come to understand the circle of life and the thin line between the living and the dying. That's what this time of the year is for me. The other night I was sitting with my fellow sister priestess's of Terra's Temple. We were telling the tales of our ancestors remembering those that we have already connected to or hoping to connect with on a deeper level. I recall my story one of  my own desire to connect with my paternal grandmother who was lost to the family when my father was 11. I never knew her, like so many in my extended family that left before my birth. The roots of my family tree are deep and dark. They reach across the Pacific to the lands that have colonized by Kings and Queens from so many other nations. The roots branch out over this land, digging deep to the indigenous souls that are still walking this earth. There are places where the roots go to that I don't even know and can't imagine. These peoples are the peoples that are unknown to me. I don't know their names and I don't know their faces. I have no information or family documents to pull out of the archives. I only have access to the manifestos of the slave ships – bearing their real names transformed to suit the needs of their buyers. Even this information is difficult to decipher. I'm speaking about this not as a way to depress folks here. No, on the contrary. I'm speaking about this as way help those who may have the same disconnect, grief and potential struggle with the unknown ancestor. I wouldn't say that I am struggling. I've let go of that some time ago because of an amazing experience I had over seven years ago when the struggle, disconnect and grief were eased. It happened on the night before I was to fully step into my path of study in Ifa. I dreamt that I was walking down a dirt path. In front of me was a large and beautiful brightly colored wooden gate. I remember feeling as if I were heading somewhere I had known but had never been. The gate opened...and behind those ancient doors were so many beautiful dark skinned people with beautiful smiles just for me. I was welcomed into this old, old family with the love of a thousand unknown ancestors. They knew me...deeply, and I knew them deeply. I still don't know their names. But it doesn't matter. They know me. If you have gaps in your ancestral lineage, if there are those in your family tree that are unknown or intentionally forgotten, I would like to offer that they know you even if you have no photos or names to connect with here on this plane. They know you because they saw your birth even though you didn't see their death. If you can please consider taking time in these sacred nights to honor your unknown ancestors as well as the known. Light candles to them and call to those that are most bright and loving --- they will come and love you back. They may have been waiting for you just as mine were waiting for me – with joyous, loving and open arms. Blessings to you and all that you love. Makenna in Spirit I write this a their child and as the future ancestor to many other children – following my path.    

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