Day of Renewal Begins for 2012

Greetings! Our first Day Of Renewal for 2012 will be on Saturday, February 11, 2012. More information to follow but if you are healer who would be interested in joining our growing community and featuring your skills please read on and be in touch with Temple Priestess, April C. Taylor, for more information. Blessed Be! We are seeking healers of all sorts for this healing day.   The day goes from 1pm-8pm with two shifts. Here is info to summarize:
  • The Day of Renewal is an awesome opportunity to showcase your healing work or modality
  • You can do 10-20 minute mini sessions. Designed to introduce your work to someone new.
  • Day of Renewal begins at 1pm, and in spite of our continual encouragement to arrive early to partake in the most, we often have a slower beginning.
  • We encourage everyone, healers and guests to bring snacks to share and as always there will be some yummy Temple tea concoction brewing on the stove.
  • If you have business cards or other promotional material, feel free to bring them and allow this to be a time to showcase your work and talents.Please also share this event with your own clients, friends and circles.

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