Where to go with all the fear? Animal spirits and other guides

There is a lot of fear on the planet and there is a lot of new energy emerging asking us to step forward in our light.   When we enter the unknown of our own being, we are called to trust and allow the unfolding and yet often our fears and wounds reemerge in the process: anxiety, depression, addictions, physical diseases and other imbalances will show up.

Our expansion (soul) brings forth contraction (ego).  States of contraction are based in fear and states of expansion are based in love.  It is easy to fall back into patterns that no longer serve us in this time and get stuck in our fears instead of following love.  In order for us to fully step into the light of our being, we need to be able to face our fears and embrace our shadows.  This can be overwhelming and very confusing if we try to do it on our own. The resources of nature – our mother earth – are here to assist us in the longing to be more fully connected and live from the place of the heart within the matrix of the universe, respecting all beings.  Engaging in practices such as yoga, meditation, Qigong, spending time in nature and truly listening to the energy of trees, plants, animals, the waters, the sun and the moon, can support us to transcend our identification with the ego. There are guides that can support our growth- our need to be connected to our soul: healers, therapists, body workers, energy workers, artists, shamans as well as animals.  Connecting with animal spirits is a powerful gateway to not feeling alone in our quest for the truth and dark nights of the soul.  They are here to teach and remind us of our true calling, to be authentic, purposeful beings, who don’t doubt their right to exist and are just being who they are. They remind us of our true purpose to shine our light, to feel and be our breath, to hear the beating of our hearts and to love. We live in an area where we are blessed with many offerings and sometimes it can be overwhelming to know what to choose.  I invite you to listen inside to see where you are drawn.  Immersing yourself in a shamanic journey with drumming and mask-making, can bring forth release of stress and clarity of purpose.  Being seen and heard in the process by others can open your heart to listen inside, to your truth and allow movement in all areas of your life. This is a place to begin or continue on your path of embodying and being the truth you have come here to bring forth.  There are no “if’s” or “should’s” or “must’s” but the simplicity to follow your calling. Come and join us for an afternoon of listening inside and creating a mask that can remind you.

Awaken Your Animal Spirit  and Transform Your Life!

Join Us for this Powerful Afternoon

November  4th    *  1:00~6:00pm

@ Terra's Temple 654 Oakland Ave, Oakland, California 94611

$125 (sliding scale available)

RSVP~Limited Space (will fill fast!)

Call 510-779-2842 or nkoethnermft@yahoo.com


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