Terra’s Temple is a sacred space and a nexus for community committed to celebration and honoring of the earth mother in all her forms. People can come to the temple to rejuvenate, heal and recharge. It is a place for both those in need to receive and where even healers can be healed. Our various events invite people to connect, heal and create.  Terra's Temple is a sacred space to connect to Terra, Mother Earth, connect with yourself, connect with community.  Come to Terra's Temple to heal; heal your body, mind and spirit, heal wounds in your ancestry, heal disconnection on the planet.  And Terra's Temple is also a place for creation; to create music, art, and create new visions for yourself and the world. The Temples’ main room is a place to honor rites of passage, hold seasonal rituals, to pray and spend time in devotion. We host classes and workshops on movement, arts and crafts, sustainability, healing and much much more. We have rooms for healers to work from, so people can come to get healing, bodywork, and other therapeutic modalities. we will also host community gatherings, celebrations, and events of all types. Terra’s Temple is the begining phase of a larger vision, Read our Mission and Vision here! If you are inspired by our vision and mission, please join us! Ways to plug in: - attend our events - join us on Twitter, Facebook, etc - become a member- we are fully run on donations and membership so your contribution directly keeps the Temple alive, being able to offer in service to others - become a Terra's Tender, tending to the space and contributing your time and energy to take Terra's Temple to the next level - if you have a unique offering, contact us for a potential collaboration: programs@terrastemple.com