Our Circle

Terra's Temple events and programs are run and designed by our circle of priestesses, practitioners and healers dedicated to Terra. Our circle has ebbed and flowed over the years. Below are but FOUR of the amazing people who give their time to serve the mission and vision of the Temple. If you are interested in priestessing at the Temple please email: info@terrastemple.com nicki Nicki Koethner, MA, MFTA Nicki is a licensed Expressive Art Therapist and Psychotherapist and multimedia artist, is a non-judgmental guide supporting people in finding their truth in all areas of their lives especially relationships, sexuality, creativity, spirituality, and work.  Nicki brings a wide variety of tools and wisdom to her practice of deeply listening to people and guiding them to access what they need to make desired changes in their lives, feeling supported in their transitions and accessing their full potential.  Directing and facilitating a deep inquiry of what is present in their mind, hearts and body, people learn to love and accept themselves more fully and discover more spontaneity, flow, meaning and ease in their lives.She received her MA in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Expressive Arts Therapy from the California Insitute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in 2003. She has worked with various populations, specializing in spirituality, sexuality, creativity, dream-work, trauma, attachment issues, effective communication, addiction, parenting, separation and divorce, anxiety, depression, anger and stress management, self-care and non-violence to self and others.  Poetry, drawing/painting, role-plays, storytelling and intuitive readings are offered and I might invite you to move, draw, write, role-play or pay attention to your breath and explore what is present in your body. Her work is influenced by her practices of Expressive Arts Therapy, Psychodrama, Dramatherapy, Guided imagery, Focusing, Authentic Movement, Bodytales, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Shamanistic practices, Somatic Inquiry, Energy healing and is humanistic,transpersonal, psycho-dynamic, client-centered and relational oriented. Sefora Janel Ray The founder of Terra's Temple, Sefora is a facilitator, a certified massage practitioner, and a holistic counselor. She has been organizing and facilitating life changing workshops for over 9 years.  Influenced by years of work with Landmark Education,and theReclaiming Tradition, Sefora's passion is bridging worlds through song, magic, consciousness and laughter.  As a former Challenge Day leader, Sefora has traveled across the country helping thousands of teenagers and adults to tear down walls of separation, break down oppression, learn conflict resolution, and inspiring teens to live, study and work in an environment of compassion, acceptance and respect.  Sefora is also a graduate of the Interchange Counseling program and studied extensively with Meridian Universtity in Counseling Psychology.  Sefora offers private counseling and life coaching sessions, empowering people to live the lives of their dreams, have extra-ordinary relationships and become their fullest self.   Ensouled Awakenings Headshot Large  Preston Vargas, MA, CATC Preston Vargas is a healer priest-ess, counselor, and scholar whose love of community ritual, developing deep reltionships, and artful crafting are matched by his passion for deep and transformative healing. In both his personal community and in work at Ensouled Awakenings, his skills as an integrative counselor, shamanic healer, reiki practitioner and ritualist allow him to weave all the parts of himself into joyful service.  And after working for over a decade in mental health and substance abuse counseling he has developed a dynamic balance of being of service and playfully enjoying the richness of life. Preston undulates in the rhythms of co-creation with the gods, ancestors, spirits, animals, plants, humans, devas, and our shadows to heal our fragmented selves and communities. As a storyteller and oracular artist, Preston is sensitive to the unheard stories of not only people but the other-than-human world as well. His ritual healing style is interwoven with the knowledge he developed in his post graduate degrees in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness as well as Transformative Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies and his counseling training from Interchange Counseling Institute.  And his teaching style stems for the critical pedagogy skills he acquired as an Integral Teaching Fellow at CIIS. The gifts he offers from his training in indigenous ancestral healing traditions are tempered with healing justice, his awareness of privileged power dynamics and his commitments to anti-oppression. And Preston, a fierce dreamer, holds strong that the actions we make can stretch backward in time to heal the wounds of all our relations and stretch forward in time to manifest the best possible worlds for our future descendants. Preston is also the current Rental Coordinator at Terra's Temple   April Taylor April C. Taylor April has stepped back somewhat in the past year. She considers herself a devoted Priestess to the Temple but one who serves during specific events/as needed, and not in the daily running of the space. She is committed to devoting some of her time and energy to Terra's Temple and the continued creation of community this urban temple holds. April is in the process of developing Dance for All at Terra's Temple. This will be a dance based program dedicated to body awareness and self-acceptance. She considers her spiritual practice to be a main source of strength in her life and work. She loves the expressive arts, the mystery and beauty of sound, and the flow of dance and yoga. She is a Certified Sound Healer and Priestess, as well as trained performing artist, ritualist, and teacher. Her main mentors include Suzanne Sterling and Silvia Nakkach. She is a graduate of Mills College and the California Institute of Integral Studies. At Terra's Temple she offers Emergence: Reiki with Sound, and movement mediations. She is in the process of crafting workshops for self-acceptance and personal expression. She considers her life to be one of deep service and witnessing, plus rich in joy and laughter. To contact April please email:magikal1act@gmail.com