Our Mission and Vision

  • To hold programs, events, and sessions that facilitate connection and healing for ourselves, our communities and the world, empowering us to be creative participants on the planet.
  • To provide a beautiful sacred space in an urban environment that inspires awe, gratitude for the natural world, and is a bridge that connects us to the Divine Earth.
  • To support those who are working towards a thriving and sustainable world.
Vision: Every person on the planet feels the awe, joy and responsibility of their interconnectedness. We joyfully connect in harmony with the earth and all beings. We are all empowered to act with wisdom and creativity for ourselves, our communities and our world.   Our mission and vision statements are evolving documents. What does Terra's Temple mean to you? How do you serve yourself, your community and the world around you? We of the Temple ask this everyday and we'd love to know your thoughts. Contact info@terrastemple.org to share with the Priestess Circle.  Subject: mission and vision.