Red Tent Temple: meditation and satsang

We gather in our monthly women’s circle. Our Red Tent this month will focus on meditation and satsang. Let us join one another in a moment of silence and introspection. Let us share our deep thoughts and feelings that arise from the stillness. We will be together in a meditative space, followed with pointed discussion and sharing about our bodies and its cycles, our lives and loves. Feel free to bring readings that speak to you about your moon cycle or your womanhood. We will have a time to share. April C. Taylor, priestess of Terra’s Temple, will be leading this meditation circle and satsang. Please arrive by 7pm, ready to enter meditation space. Meditation til 7:45pm Discussion til 8:30pm, followed by potluck snacks. Wear red clothes and scarves to hold the frequency of our moon times. All women welcome, mooning or not. And please bring easy potluck snacks. Donation at the door: $5-10 Read more »

Seeking a few more healers: Day of Renewal

Greetings, 2012 is off to a great start as we begin our 3rd year of offering Days of Renewal. We couldn’t do these healing days without the healers who give of their time and skill to work with our guest. Are you a healer who wants to connect into more community? Are you interested in Terra’s Temple and want to be of service? Our next Day of Renewal is coming up this Saturday and we are stil seeking a few more folks to give of their time in the “later” shift: 3:30-8, last session at 7:30. If you are available please contact Temple Priestess April C. Taylor at magikal1act Read more »

Red Tent Temple: Feel the LOVE

February’s Red Tent Temple will delight and amuse, it will ignite and excite, it will open your soul’s doors and allow for self-LOVE to flow. As love fills the air and promises of spring yet to come swirl around us we will gather once again at Terra’s Temple to honor our sacred sexuality, fill our cups with self-love and nourish our soul with healing. Join Ashely Apple of the Yoni Temple co-hosted with April C. Taylor of Terra’s Temple for an intimate and fun evening exploring the depths of our bodies and beings. From Ashely: “Understanding the female physical sexual anatomy introduces us to the importance of vaginal muscle control and strength. Creating a relationship with our yoni’s helps women connect their heart/mind to their sex. Explore how to cultivate more pleasure with muscle control while strengthening the reproductive organs in this intimate circle of women.” Tuesday, February 21 Gather at 6:45 Circle at 7pm Closing by 9pm Please, as always, wear red as you wish, and bring easy snacks share following our circle. RSVP to April C. Taylor (Temple Priestess): We are asking for a $5-10 donation to cover costs. Ashley Apple is a clinical herbalist, alchemist, licensed esthetician and yoga teacher with a passion for exploring energy expansion and the awakening of Consciousness. She lived in Thailand and India for four years studying and teaching Tantra yoga, holistic nutrition and herbalism. Presently, Ashley lives in Berkeley, CA, teaching workshops and retreats on whole foods nutrition, sacred sexuality, alchemy with herbal medicine and Tantra yoga. She is the founder of The Yoni Temple in Oakland, an intimate waxing boutique and educational space for exploring the feminine mysteries. Ashley will be teaching a workshop the weekend following our Red Tent: She is offering participants $10 off her workshop! Jade eggs […] Read more »

Day of Renewal Begins for 2012

Greetings! Our first Day Of Renewal for 2012 will be on Saturday, February 11, 2012. More information to follow but if you are healer who would be interested in joining our growing community and featuring your skills please read on and be in touch with Temple Priestess, April C. Taylor, for more information. Blessed Be! We are seeking healers of all sorts for this healing day.   The day goes from 1pm-8pm with two shifts. Here is info to summarize: The Day of Renewal is an awesome opportunity to showcase your healing work or modality You can do 10-20 minute mini sessions. Designed to introduce your work to someone new. Day of Renewal begins at 1pm, and in spite of our continual encouragement to arrive early to partake in the most, we often have a slower beginning. We encourage everyone, healers and guests to bring snacks to share and as always there will be some yummy Temple tea concoction brewing on the stove. If you have business cards or other promotional material, feel free to bring them and allow this to be a time to showcase your work and talents.Please also share this event with your own clients, friends and circles. Read more »

Red Tent Temple: Celebrating women of every age

Please join the Terra’s Temple community as we begin another year of honoring our moon cycles. Elzbeth Gould (13 Moon Mystery School) and April C. Taylor (Terra’s Temple Priestess) are creating an evening for women of all ages. We are inviting grandmothers, mothers and daughters, aunts and nieces, caregivers and friends to come and share in the magic of women’s spaces and the power of the Red Tent movement. “What does it mean to grow up as a girl into a woman?” “How do we support one another through the changes tides of life as a human female?” “What are the stories and thoughts we can share from our varied prospectives?” Join us and bring a young woman to share this experience with you. Please wear red and bring snacks to share beforehand. This event is open to all women but we would appreciate knowing you are coming. Please RSVP April: New Moon night Monday, January 23, 2012 Gather at 6:45 Circle at 7pm. Closing by 8:30 (since it is a school night) Donations to the Temple appreciated ($5-20) Future Red Tent Temples: Feb 21 and Mar 22, 2012. More info soon… Read more »

Making Dreams Reality

(This blog is brought to you by Sefora, a founder and priestess in residence.) This is not the first blog I’ve written, just the first that’s made it to the computer, there’s been about 30 that I’ve written in my head.  But this time I have forced myself to sit, and write it down. There are so many things I could say about this Dream/Reality that is Terra’s Temple. When it came to me that my dream was to create a Temple Dedicated to the Mother Earth, I was inspired to be an actualized priestess in the world.  See, to me, being a priestess is attached to having a place to priestess out of, a place to tend and work out of.  There was no temple (that I knew of at the time) that I could train out of and be in service to the world the way I wanted to be.  I could train at a university, become a healer of some sort, or a therapist, but no physical school existed that I knew of where I could train to be a priestess of Mother Earth.  And so even though I felt like I really was at an age and time where I needed to be training and mentoring, I decided to work on creating a modern-day temple. Now, one thing you should know about me is that I’m a pretty practical person.  And even though I grew up in the bay area, and was surrounded with hundreds of people who fantasize about “intentional community” and creating ‘retreat centers” and the sort, I didn’t want to be another person who just talks about making something and not actually do it. So, one day I was sitting at my computer a little depressed.  What I would do at that time […] Read more »