The World’s Caresses

The World reaches out To Caress you With a thousand hands.   The snow flake's fall, The baby's laugh, The small star inside the apple's core, The patterned beat of the ocean's roar.   The musky smell of the redwood tree The glint in my friend's eye when he looks and sees. The brave teen that sings her song, The proud mom who cheers her on.   A thousand arms to hold you near, This world provides for you my dear. The honey suckle's pungent sent, The softness of fur on a precious pet.   The quickening of the heart As it moves and dances The cello's great voice that entrances.   The curving branch of the Oak, The starlight peeking through the clouds, A tickle, a grin a satisfying pout.   The sun painting the morning sky pink, The sigh of relief at the end of the day. The sound of a toast, When glasses clink.   And don't get me started With the smell of lavender, rose and sage! All a caress, all Love made   For us to know The World' embrace.   Read more »

If the Yoni could talk, she would say… “Surrender”

Sometimes I look at my belly wishing she were different but other times I hold my belly laughing at her bounty Sometimes I wonder why... other times I bless with a sigh The goddess shines within Seeping out in tear drops laughter Oozing flow of old seeds sown I listen to the wind And let my heart be blown Wide Open I bow and give thanks Read more »

Getting out of town

Welcome Back! I say this as much to myself as to you. I realized the other day that I hadn't written in our blog since March! I have always envisioned this blog as a way to express my (and the other Priestesses in the circle) thoughts, ideas and opinions on what it means to be creating an urban temple space. We have a great group of wonderful women working daily to make the world a better place and we are hungry to connect with others doing the same. As a group we "got out of town" this weekend to dig in a bit deeper, to live a bit simpler, to connect to one another, and activate ourselves even more to our individual and collective vision for Terra's Temple. It was a wonderful experience, rich in laughter, some tears, great thoughts and good challenges. I am so deeply honored and impressed to be in co-creation with 7 amazing people. I am humbled to be a part of something larger than myself and know we are on the right track. Themes for our time together were: A temple, why bother?, stating personal intentions and getting support around how to take the active steps to make them happen, sharing stories and checking in about what is going on in our lives. Each experience, those I shared with my fellow sisters and those I had alone were deeply rejuvenating. It rained and rained the entire time and the Earth was wet, red mud running down hillsides, a lake which moved with the drops and the wind, pine trees standing sentinel all around. I took a plunge this morning in the pond, and felt total joy at the fact I live in a body. What ways do you reconnect to yourself, your community and your […] Read more »

Weaving the web

"I" and "We" by new priestess circle member Makenna It's wonderful to finally you all albeit virtually it is still meaningful. See, for me community is a My first blog as a member of priestess circle of Terra's Temple, wow -- finally sat down and did this. A few years ago I sat in a presentation done by a wonderful Candomblé priestess or as she is known as Makota Valdina Pinto. She was presenting on her activism work in Salvador da Bahia, primarily around preserving the land and traditions of her community. My heart sang when I heard her say something that I had long felt in my spirit. I can't provide an exact quote, this was about 4 years ago. Basically she said, We must preserve and heal our communities that live on this land because we know the land and know how to protect and conserve what is on this earth. I thought about this in relation to all of the movements and activism around Gaia and felt that I had finally heard someone speak a vision that I knew had to been seen. Our communities, families, and ourselves must be healed in order for us to do the work to heal Gaia. We are her stewards. If we are sick, tired, and not actualized to our purpose in life, how can truly work on her behalf or help others who are in our lives? That moment with Valdina, pushed me over the ledge and forced me to open my wings and fly to fulfill my own purpose in life. So, I'm here in California, working on my PhD in psychology focused on social change and transformation in relation to individual and community well being. It is my intent to be a part of the transformation by working […] Read more »

We are healing our bodies and the Earth

Magikal, magikal, magikal, oh and powerful too. This is how I can best describe the healing ritual we co-created last night at the Temple. One of our own is in the hospital fighting leukemia and 11 Witches gathered to send her even more healing energy. We gathered and shared information about our beloved's current condition, brainstormed what we could do, what spell we could craft, assigned Priestessing rolls and then just jumped all together into sacred space calling on Aphrodite and Strength as allies to our working. There is something so special being with skilled, open, creative ritualists. I was really impressed and at the same time completely in my own element. The overall ritual was reverent and flowing. We walked the pentacle, calling out wishes and prayers, the drum kept the heart beat, we sang the words of the points and raised energy. It was deep and rich, like swimming at the bottom of a lake. I could feel the Earth holding us. I felt us sink deeper and deeper. I saw the web of life that connects each individual and entity spinning around us. It was hypnotic and re-charging. I believe very deeply that we are all healers and we all need healing. Put simply, to heal is to heal. I loved especially that the evening just came together with ease. So much about life is a struggle and obviously our dear one in the hospital is fighting hard for survival, to recover her well-being. I am grateful for the counterpoint of our healing ritual. We set the intention, we put the call out, folks who were free came (while others sent energy from afar), we talked, and came to consensus and then did it! Poof. Wonderful. Magik. How can I bring this ease of creation more into […] Read more »

What the Temple means to me?

I have been spending many hours within Terra's Temple and with the members of the Priestess Circle for the past year?? I can't remember when Sefora asked me to join her. I do remember the look on her face and the tone in her voice. "We can be Priestesses of a real temple together." She had worked so hard to get it this far and now was asking for help. How could I turn down that kind of an offer?? Slowly, ever so slowly at times, we've been growing. More events, more folks coming through, more plans, more offerings and more FUN. I have come to love the space and the people who dwell often in the space. Recently (in the last two weeks) we've added two new members and I am so pleased to be getting to know them as well. We are all on our own paths certainly but we are also coalescing into an group who has the goal of making Terra's Temple a thriving, lucrative, healing filled, magikal urban sanctuary. I feel good when I go in the doors. I feel quenched and full.  Lately, life has been kicking my a** something harsh but Terra's Temple is an oasis for me. A place I am at home, full of people I treasure. I feel beyond blessed for that offer (I couldn't refuse) and for the good work we are doing to heal ourselves, and the Earth herself. --this musing brought to you by Priestess Circle member: April C. Taylor Read more »

Cooking Up a Storm

Tiffany is on Open Temple shift this first night of clear blue Thursday evening skies.   With these rain cloud heavy past few weeks, I have been feeling the effects of self care neglect.   With no dry earth to hike upon, no sun to soak up, no energy to run and exert muscles that have been languishing about, the body and the spirit were feeling blue. Amazing how much joy can be found in waking up to a dry sunny day.  Strolling through my neighborhood, taking in the saturation of green all around me it is hard to remember that it is not spring.  Feeling the spring in my step, oh, I am so happy for the sunshine! Tonight, I accessed my kitchen goddess and was cooking up a storm.  Feeling the need to add a little spice to this rather grey week, my menu was Tom Kha Gong, coconut lemon grass soup which succinctly summed up my day.  There is something infinitely soothing about preparing a meal in one's kitchen.  There is something ultra sweet about nourishing oneself and the practiced ritual that cooking becomes as I flow through the kitchen weaving through my kitchen song.  I speak the poetry of fresh ingredients prepared with love and care.  I am singing over the hot kitchen stove: Fresh green and red veggies served up slightly al dente in gentle coconut with spicy chile, bland tofu with tart lime, zesty lemon grass with sweet basil base.  And noodles- the comfort food of champions!  Coconut, garlic and lime. Cooking to remember. Remembering how to make memory. I sit down to my meal for one.   They say we are what we eat and I serve up nothing but love in my bowl.   Eating what I love, loving what I eat.   I thank the elements […] Read more »

I stand with the Earth

by Tiffany "the panther who prowls with purpose" Foo "A human being is part of the whole, called by us "universe," a part limited in time and space.  He experiences himself, his thoughts and his feelings as something separated from the rest- a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.  This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.  Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creature and the whole [of] nature in its beauty."                                                                                             ~ Albert Einstein When the pain becomes too much and the weight of it all begins to overwhelm, I remember.  There is more than this.  This I know.  I am sitting drinking tea with a friend becoming more dear with each encounter on torrential rain filled night number three in a row in the cozy sitting room of my urban temple sanctuary.  And in the revealing of my rawest pain, I am seen and witnessed as I see and witness. There is deep sadness here.  It is felt and experienced at a cellular level. Life is mourning life and the very air is heavy with the perfume of sorrow- but it is not despair.  I feel blue and you feel blue.  We are all swirling in the blue morass together.  And it is true and there is deep rightness in that feeling.  And it is more than me.  More than you.  We are all a part of that deep blue sadness.  There is much to mourn and sometimes I wonder if there are enough tears to […] Read more »