The Temple tonight

This blog comes from one of the Priestess Circle members: April C. Taylor I got to the Temple right on time tonight. I have had a pretty tough week so I was glad to be there although I was feeling pretty tired. The front porch really needed a good sweep and the dead faery lights were depressing so I decided to take care of these things.  We do need more light on the porch so I fired up this really beautiful lantern with tea lights and brought out two pillar candles in jars. There was a Dianic Circle meeting in the main space and I wanted it to be welcoming and sacred when they arrived. Once inside I set about creating sacred space. The circle has been dialoguing about how best to create the space when we come on shift for Open Temple. I decided to be magikal and practical all at once, so I lit the candles on the alters as I cast a circle. I cleared the space with a bit of sage, and fired up Quan Yin in the Study: candles, incense, mood lighting. The whole 1st story real shown. An unexpected perk to being on-site tonight was a guided Chi-gong mediation. One of the other PIR (Priestess in Residence) has been working with an amazing healer on a type of healing based Chi-gong only brought to the US in 1999. The three of us ran the energy for about 40 minutes. It was so special. I have been fighting a cold for a week and my back went out today. This practice is designed to boost the immune system and strengthen the bodies ability to heal itself and maintain optimum health. The facilitators prescription is do the practice for 30 days to get yourself out of […] Read more »

What is a Priestess?

This post comes to us from April C. Taylor, one of the Temple Priestesses. She was asked to respond to the question of how as a Priestess she self-defines. “I consider myself a Priestess in all areas of my life. It is an active defining force that I embody. At times I am the Priestess in a class or ritual in a very outward way while other times I am a Priestess in much subtler ways. When I teach young children or provide customer service in my work for example, I am tending the energy and well-being of others. It is mystical and magikal, practical and everyday all at once and I treasure the paradox. It is powerful and empowering. I often sing the Kali’s Angel song, “Born Priestess” because this idea really speaks to me. I was born to do take this identity and embody it fully.” Do you self-identify as a Priestess? How does this inform your life’s work? We’d love to hear your response. For more on Kali’s Angels: Read more »