EARTHDAY APRIL 20th Gather to Honor Earth and remember

Come and join us to remember and celebrate the earth and our birthright! Sunday April 20, 2014 10-12 pm What wants to come forth? What needs to be released? Let us be taught by earth to remember that we are part of her. We invite you to arrive promptly so we can gather in a ceremony and ritual to release what is no longer needed, to clarify what wants to emerge and allow the life-force to be expressed through us. Roke Noir and Nicki Koethner created a ritual with a flow to connect deeply with earth as a resource and remembrance so we can truly be a conduit for the earth and allow earth to support us. What’s below you? Above you? Around you? And within that Where are you? Siren Project & Terra’s Temple present an experiential and engaging circle held by Nicki Koethner & Roke Noir ARE YOU PRESENT? A ceremonial celebration in honor of Earth Day 2014 Connect. Open. Release. And Embody. Sunday, April 20 10 - 12 noon at Terra’s Temple 3051 Adeline Street, Berkeley $10 - $20 Sliding Scale Questions? 510.681.9740 / NOTE: 1. Terra's Temple is right opposite Ashby BART station. Our apologies that this venue is not yet wheel chair accessible. 2. Do try to arrive on time to respect the intention and flow of this mindful gathering Read more »

Terra’s Temple has a new home as of Dec. 3rd!

Greetings Friends of Terra's Temple, Have you heard the amazing news? We are moving from our snuggly Oakland hill to the bustle of downtown Berkeley. That's right! We have secured a new home at 3051 Adeline (cross street: Essex Ave). We are hard at work already and could use your support getting our new space all set to go. Work party info: Our current location will close officially on Nov 24 as we'll spend the week before Thanksgiving packing it up and moving everything over. Our blessings to you for your holiday season and if you can lend a hand let us know! Best to you, Terra's Temple Priestess Circle!           Read more »

Day of Renewal – October 19th, 2013

Saturday, October 19th, 2013 12pm – 7pm Pay at the Door - $24 Non members/ $9 Members   Fall! What better time to refresh and renew with a full day of healing sessions with an amazing community of healers. In service to the well-being of ourselves, our communities and the world, Terra’s Temple invites you to a Day of Renewal. Join us for a day of wonderful healing, connecting to source and replenishing. Our Healing Day offers you the opportunity to attend to your most sacred space, your self. Drink from the well of source and take the time to simply be with your self, in your body, with others and with the divine. We have a host of new practitioners ready to help you in your healing journey. Come receive various sessions in massage, energy work, counseling, life coaching, intuitive readings, tarot and much more. Tend to your own well-being, listen to and make music, connect with others, sip our special Temple Tea and rejuvenate yourselves! Become a member on Renewal Day and get in free! Bring a snack to share!   Take advantage of this fabulous opportunity and arrive early to allow yourself the time to fully embrace the healing that Terra’s Temple offers. *a gentle wink here* Given the ever growing popularity of this event, we ask everyone to be mindful of their session sign-ups. This will ensure that everyone has an opportunity to partake in the day of renewal. Maximize your experience with potent sessions of quality not merely quantity. Allow time to meditate and integrate. Read more »

Discover, Connect, and Awaken Your Animal Spirit through Sacred Drumming and Mask Making

Have you been seeking? Wanting a deeper sense of belonging, meaning and purpose? Have you been restless, anxious or depressed? Or simply felt the calling to be more fully alive -not just functioning and paying the bills? Now is the time to go deeper and answer the calling! Join Us for a Powerful Afternoon November  4th    *  1:00~6:00pm @ Terra's Temple 654 Oakland Ave, Oakland, California 94611 $125 (sliding scale available) RSVP~Limited Space (will fill fast!) Call 510-779-2842 or A sacred space is created as we journey to the Otherworld to meet and receive messages from our Animal Spirit Guides. Animals are here to teach humans. They have many powerful lessons to give. They remind us that we are only a small part of creation; that each part of creation has a place; that each creature has its own skill and wisdom.  Making masks is an ancient tradition practiced in many indigenous cultures. Masks invite us to enter an altered state of consciousness and invite universal energies to be expressed through us, allowing new or split-part of ourselves to be embodied.  Rather than wearing masks, we can hide behind, we are creating images of what we want to become.  The masks become allies of our journey through life, helping us to embody our true selves and infuse our animal guides with powerful vibration. Owlsnake  is the Founder and Director of Esoterica Shamanic Center. She is a Shaman/Medicine Woman (Lineage), Esoteric Coach, Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master and Certified Rape Crisis Counselor. She specializes in working with individuals who are healing from traumatic events such as physical/mental/emotional abuse, or just for someone who has lost themselves. She utilizes a holistic “Mind, Body & Spirit” approach in her work. She works with individuals and groups. Find out more at Nicki Koethner, MA,  MFT is […] Read more »

Back story of Terra’s Temple, Part 1:

Back story of Terra’s Temple, Part 1: When I was 15, my Uncle Tom gave me the book The Mists of Avalon.  Given my fascination with the King Arthur story, I read the Mists with great fervor.  Later that summer, I was visiting my Aunt Julie and mentioned to her, “I wish the religion in the Mists of Avalon was real.”  To which she said “It is, I’ve been practicing it most of my life.”  Thus began my journey learning about and studying paganism.  And although I found Reclaiming and many profound teachers, I did not ever find a school of Avalon in my area or a temple that I could go dedicate myself to.  I learned that most earth based traditions from Europe went underground or were joined with Christian faiths.  I accepted these facts, knowing that there were plenty of trainings, workshops and classes I could take to further my growth as a priestess.   However, my longing for a temple, a place to serve through grew.  When I was in my mid-twenties and transitioning out of working for a non-profit, I longed to go study at a temple dedicated to Mother Earth. None existed that I knew of.  I began to believe that it might be part of my purpose to create one.  Here’s the problem with that:  I am a pretty practical person.  I believe in bridging the mainstream with the mystical.  I generally do what I say I’m going to do.  So to talk to people about building a temple was to put it lightly “a stretch”.  But despite the stigma and the fear of strange looks, despite the voice of my father in the back of my head saying “You are going to do WHAT?” I decided to move forward with the visioning, know […] Read more »

Red Tent Temple: Wednesday, August 15

Join April C. Taylor and Mary Spicer for an evening of sound and silence to still the mind, and relax the body. The ancient healing art of sound healing is a powerful tool for deep centering and meditation. Using sound toys, voice, music and silence Mary and April will create a "score" infused with wellness. Terra's Temple monthly Red Tent gatherings for women are a way to drop in to a circle and connect with other women honoring our moon cycles and the New Moon energy. Please arrive by 6:45 Sound Bath begins at 7 Closing thoughts and snack share 8We are asking a $5-15 donation to cover Temple costs. Gotta keep the candles lit!Wearing shades of red focuses the energy. Thank you for participating in this way.Bring easy snacks to share and a water bottle.for information email April: Read more »

Red Tent Community Art Night– July 17th

Get your creative juices flowing and join us at Terra's Temple for a special Community Art Red Tent! This is an event for women, honoring our monthly new moon event. This month, we invite you to bask  in the tremendous creative energy we hold as women as we create a safe, playful place to work on and explore any artistic/creative/crafty projects that have been wanting your attention. Bring a project you have already started or simply a desire to see what unfolds. *No art-making experience is necessary! We will provide some basic art supplies and guidance in finding what would like to be expressed for you personally in this moment. All you have to do is ride the waves of group creative energy and let it infuse your expression! Bring snacks to share, (dinner if you need it), an open heart, and your wonderful self. Wear Red if you are called! TUESDAY July 17th Gather at 6:45, circle at 7. suggested donation of $10, no one turned away at the door. Facilitated by members of Terra's Temple Priestess Circle! Read more »

Weaving the web

"I" and "We" by new priestess circle member Makenna It's wonderful to finally you all albeit virtually it is still meaningful. See, for me community is a My first blog as a member of priestess circle of Terra's Temple, wow -- finally sat down and did this. A few years ago I sat in a presentation done by a wonderful Candomblé priestess or as she is known as Makota Valdina Pinto. She was presenting on her activism work in Salvador da Bahia, primarily around preserving the land and traditions of her community. My heart sang when I heard her say something that I had long felt in my spirit. I can't provide an exact quote, this was about 4 years ago. Basically she said, We must preserve and heal our communities that live on this land because we know the land and know how to protect and conserve what is on this earth. I thought about this in relation to all of the movements and activism around Gaia and felt that I had finally heard someone speak a vision that I knew had to been seen. Our communities, families, and ourselves must be healed in order for us to do the work to heal Gaia. We are her stewards. If we are sick, tired, and not actualized to our purpose in life, how can truly work on her behalf or help others who are in our lives? That moment with Valdina, pushed me over the ledge and forced me to open my wings and fly to fulfill my own purpose in life. So, I'm here in California, working on my PhD in psychology focused on social change and transformation in relation to individual and community well being. It is my intent to be a part of the transformation by working […] Read more »

Making Dreams Reality

(This blog is brought to you by Sefora, a founder and priestess in residence.) This is not the first blog I've written, just the first that's made it to the computer, there's been about 30 that I've written in my head.  But this time I have forced myself to sit, and write it down. 🙂 There are so many things I could say about this Dream/Reality that is Terra's Temple. When it came to me that my dream was to create a Temple Dedicated to the Mother Earth, I was inspired to be an actualized priestess in the world.  See, to me, being a priestess is attached to having a place to priestess out of, a place to tend and work out of.  There was no temple (that I knew of at the time) that I could train out of and be in service to the world the way I wanted to be.  I could train at a university, become a healer of some sort, or a therapist, but no physical school existed that I knew of where I could train to be a priestess of Mother Earth.  And so even though I felt like I really was at an age and time where I needed to be training and mentoring, I decided to work on creating a modern-day temple. Now, one thing you should know about me is that I'm a pretty practical person.  And even though I grew up in the bay area, and was surrounded with hundreds of people who fantasize about "intentional community" and creating 'retreat centers" and the sort, I didn't want to be another person who just talks about making something and not actually do it. So, one day I was sitting at my computer a little depressed.  What I would do at that […] Read more »